Tuesday, 25 March 2014

South of Wokingham SDL public meeting tonight 7pm. Eric Pickles guidelines and Cllr code of conduct broken again.

South of Wokingham SDL presentation tonight
Date: Tuesday 25 March 2014

Key points below.

Date: Tuesday 25 March 2014
Venue: Wokingham Methodist Church (main church), Rose Street, Wokingham
Time: 7:00pm to 8:45pm

The Feasibility Studies on the route options for the South Wokingham Distributor Road is not complete however a separate meeting dedicated to this will be organised and the date and venue publicised

Update on South Wokingham Strategic Development Location progress.

The My Journey and Green Ways projects: helping to reduce car-use through new technology and an enhanced footpath, cycleway and bridleway network.

Flooding – what is being done in Wokingham Borough to alleviate flood risk and impact

The pdf.

Dear Kaz,
We will not be allowing filming at this forum but hope you can come along and contribute.
David Allen Partnership Development Officer Wokingham Borough Council

And here is an outright lie on the borough website.


Is the whole thing a PR exercise? The purpose to to distract the public from the possibility that infrastructure contributions are 66% lower than they could and should be?

This council refuses to let you find out. This council refuses to go on the record. Yes they are nice when you play ball. The conduct is very different when you challenge them.

Get money out of politics.


Update. It was a very informative meeting with some good and worrying points raised and covered with useful slides so that those pointes raised can be visualised. I even finally got a figure regarding average SDL contributions so I seem to be getting some traction. Why should community volunteers need to be pushed like this?
Most of you will never be able to see the meeting. You will have access to selective minutes and will have to pay for them to be typed up eventually. They will make little sense without the presentation screen and can miss out unwanted information without risk of a true public record.


  1. I assume they're not filming it themselves either then ?
    Seems very odd, and they gave no reason for this ?


  2. Nope. It was possibly the most informative south of Wokingham meeting we have had yet. Really highlights the risk of Tesco roundabout Exit becoming the next show case at flood time. I've finally gat a verbal figure for S106 SDL contributions/dwelling of around £26k. Will have to get some written info on this now.

    There is a potentially expensive app we have not been asked if we want to pay for.