Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Not that it should matter. My political ideology.

I did not want to clog up my campaign post with too much boring rubbish. At the same time some people will rightly want more information on my political ideology

I was Conservative until about 2011. It would be fine as is if the money at the top was not gambling off pensions, moving on and offshore to manipulate markets and everyone with money, including myself, investing in rental properties, turning less fortunate children into serfs for ours.

I believe market forces drive innovation and those who wish to should be able to reap the rewards to spend on a luxurious lifestyle. I think however more measures should be put in place so that those innovators are less able hoard the ownership of necessities especially within family trusts.

I recently ran a political test that pegged me as slightly left and about 20% liberal. I thought I was more right.

In 2012 I stood as a paper candidate for the Greens. A paper candidate is to see how many people are clueless enough to vote a national party in a local election, even though the candidate is not intended to do anything, someone else does the paperwork, they are even willing to arrange your nominations. At this time I was not aware that it was a paid role. How can they call it volunteer role?

I insisted on getting my 10 nominations. discovered what was going on in my ward of Wescott and that of my neighbouring Evendons. I found out how little most knew about it. After that I learned that the schemes had been progressing behind closed doors for 5 years, only to have Cllrs insist it was well publicized and consulted on. Something we know to be untrue.

I think that is not so much the political video behind my view of how things work more efficiently. It is perhaps my view how the world is going to have to start to run if we are going to enjoy living in it. Slower, with less waste. We can not let companies who sell fossil fuels or arms drive us into more wasteful action that no-one enjoys though their political cousins.

I have a blog addressing these issues if you are interested. But it is not relevant in this election. I just want to introduce procedures that will help neuter corruption and introduce the concept of S.M.A.R.T voting, which is sourly needed on the world stage. Where better to start world piece than in Wokingham?

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