Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A bit about me

Since I'm standing as a local councillor, but do not have an army of vested interests or team supporters blindly going door to door for me, I though some S.M.A.R.T voters might like to get a hint of how I will portray myself.

PLEASE do not vote for me, or anyone else, on this type of information. Take it with a pinch of salt. I'm telling the truth, but you don't know that!

I was born in the UK, you can blame my flower power mum for my silly first name and Polish grandfather for the surname in 1976.

I grew up in Ascot in a well to do middle class cul-de-sac estate of about 30 houses. We played on the 'no through' road and along the stream behind the gardens. One could say it was idyllic, even though my parents did divorce, they never compromised their parenting as a result.

My father was successful young, running his own submersible manufacturing business with me as the little prince, the then had a run of bad luck, to the extent that when I was 13 and the house was on the line, and then he did well again. I learned to take nothing for granted, that hard work is not always enough.

I attended Windsor Boys School where I excelled at maths and was chess captain for my house. I then went to Windsor collage and was mostly distracted by girls. I found my poor spelling dyslexia poor memory for names and dates dyslexia, all pre-home computers were not a good mix for A-Levels where the grades are based on writing out names and dates. I left feeling deflated, feeling that I understood better than most, and contributed in my chosen subjects human biology, psychology and business studies.

After a stint of very hard, full responsibility dead end jobs / traineeships combined work and being in a band, my professional education came as a mature student at Maidenhead Collage. I studied Media, Communications an production with part time work at Nickelodeon, while nannying at weekends.

Aided by Microsoft Word to counter the poor handwriting and spelling, and the fact that the work was graded on output technical skills and understanding, I gained a distinction grade.

I then started as a Multimedia trainee and worked my way up to Multimedia Producer for a medical company in Wokingham.

I am married to the mother of my two children 4 and 8. (No those are not unusual names :)

Hobbies include; Piano, singing, guitar, weights, hero movies, outlandish wit and comedy as a whole.

My larger passion at the moment is economics, the effect of money in politics, privatisation and and capital loop holes on the quality of life of the majority.

I am very fortunate, but I at least accept that. Too many people think they are clever for having been able to have purchased property and sat on it or had family wealth made available.

I'm deeply concerned that the many people have two choices. Become capital slaves, or rebel against civilised society. The first will leave them unhappy, the second will leave them dangerous.

It's high time the human race shared the rewards of innovation, work fewer hours, create less waste and do things of true value.

But this means a new way of managing capital, competitiveness and families hoarding the ownership of necessities.

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