Saturday, 18 April 2015

Understand finance and a detective game for clever people. You have 1 minutes to work out what happened and who was up to their nuts in it.

Once you understand the below you have half an understanding of why  austerity must be perpetual regardless of the productivity of every citizen under current financial and tax rules.

May take and hour to read everything, but there is nothing more important because everything you do goes through it.

The old world of finance and the shock repair.

1960. The gold standard is not longer standard. Currency is now backed by the promise that you and your children will work productively and consume.

The financiers of the world move to return to exposing hard citizens living and working in the productive economy to unlimited fraud.

1979 Unlimited capital controls.

Ownership of your homes and resources can be transferred to an entity who will never be taxed, even though you bare the cost of maintaining a society that needs those assets, defends them from being used by locals who might take them and foreign invaders.

1986 The Big Bang

The stable retail banks that hold your savings and back your personal loans and mortgages are once again, 55 years later, exposed to the high risks that commercial banking represents (we are presently undoing this by 2018, make sure that your candidate will not undo this undoing).

Money Creation Fractional Reserve banking

Not new at this point but understanding it now makes more sense.

The main other options are:

1. 100% reserve where the bank keeps bigger deposits and lends out money you know you can't access for a set time.

2. A Backed currency, such as gold, oil, perhaps the right to state controlled land for a specified duration.

3. 100% state backed currency that is either also the bank or private banks act as an intermediately taking a commission. The state can expand or contract the money supply. It can also be more corrupt than our banks.

Capital Reserve limits reduced.

Bankers Cartels can inflate the value of assets, deflating the buying power of the currency even more.

Insiders buy UK capital assets. UK Banks lend to the limit of their allowed reserves, Insiders sell their assets and hold cash in a high reserve exclusive bank or buy assets in another country in which the banks are inflating the currency. Banks must stop lending and seek to regain lending's to re-finance OR, if enough currency was taken out, go bankrupts and have to be bailed out by the government (equal share of every citizen). Crash, assets reduce in currency value. Banks reach a reserve level perhaps half what they were, get ready to lend. Insiders sell their foreign assets or take their money out of the high reserve bank and buy twice as many UK assets with the same having done nothing productive.

United Kingdom20.515.95.03.1
United States12.310.18.510.3

Clever off balance sheet accounting enables lower real fractional reserves.

Greater freedom to use mortgages and pensions as leverage assist with the capital expansion.


When an expansion is at it's peak, insiders and their friends cash in, both causing a crash and enabling them to profit after.

Rothschild School of Finance to an honest representative sample of Wokingham's public

Just like the rest of us.


In the next episode we will explore.
1. What does currency actually represent.
2. What happens when a debtor dies?
3. When you are born the debts you represent should be wiped out. Since this can't happen, we have inheritance tax. What level should it be or should we have wealth tax instead?

Monday, 30 March 2015

What is the Trans Manifesto?

The Trans Manifesto, developed through the LGBT Consortium, contains three key messages from trans communities. With your help, we are asking each candidate in the May 2015 Westminster General Election to promise to uphold these principles when considering legislation if they are elected.
The three principles are:
  • Regard trans individuals as equal citizens with equal rights,
  • Empower trans individuals to be authorities on all aspects of their own lives, and
  • Encourage diverse, representative, realistic and positive portrayals of trans individuals.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nursing Counts priorities

I was recently contacted by a lady called Maureen regarding my commitment to NHS staffing.

As a voter in your constituency, I am asking if you will support the Nursing Counts priorities.

1. Improve patient care by ensuring safe staffing levels; giving nurses access to training and; listening to the concerns of staff.

2. Value nursing by paying a fair wage; stopping the downbanding of nursing experience and; investing in nursing so that future generations aspire to become nurses.

3. Invest in health and care by guaranteeing no more cuts in the nursing workforce; increasing resources for the community and; implementing workforce planning that reflects the needs of patients.

The nature of my candidacy is going to end up as something of a rolling theme. There are two things to consider

1. My stated personal view (That you should not trust as a fact from any candidate)

2. My policies. Which a random sample of 20 members of the Wokingham electorate will decide and I will commit to supporting with a vote back guarantee (You can trust these, but we don't know what they are yet)

1. My personal view (This is true, but don't take my word for it) is that if the state is to do anything of value it is to maintain the health of it's citizens. While I actually do not support free at the point of care. I'd like to see a nominal charge of a cinema ticket fee to see the GP to encourage people not turn up at every 3 day sniffle. I'm also a strong believer that the staff and premises needed to meet public demand should be state employed and state owned.

There is a disturbing correlation between the reduction in front line staff and the increase in locum staff private companies and political donations from people running those companies.

Medical staff must afford to raise families and have quality time with them, that means good salaries and fair working hours. Strangely enough I think the solution to that lies in Taxing property assets, reducing their inflated values and making the affordable to people who work locally, but that again is a policy I have no influence over driving or supporting. Wokingham decides. Fact.

2. What will Wokingham decide? It depends on the circles you walk in. I think everyone but the most right wing of Tories would agree to those principles being on the list and am both hopeful and confident that I will be allowed to commit to supporting these measures in a meaningful way that, at the time of writing, no other candidate is willing to match.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Mayfair loophole. Amendment 3

I have received a lot of e-communications recently regarding the 38 degrees proposal to stop hedge fund managers from paying 28% tax and 10% tax using the now dubbed Mayfair loophole.

I can assure you. If they are able to pay 10% tax using a corporate structure employing entrepreneurs relief, they will. And for the ones with friends in the tax office there is no risk risk discovery or jail, so they will definitely try.

Over the last 30 years will have amassed unfair wealth, and if you understand currency, that means a unfair debt over you and, thanks to the completely avoidable inheritance tax, their children over your children.

I'm not sure how workable the 38 degrees amendment is because they are mostly profiting from capital gains, and as major shareholders in a business...technically this is how lots of other business practices work.

My personal preference would be to do away with entrepreneurs relief for any business that does not produce a physical or digital value added (not value shifted) product and make capital gains tax no different from income tax. That will do away with an awful lot of tax legislation and manipulation.
However, I'm a big fan of trying something that has momentum behind it.

There's no harm in explicitly focusing on a form of tax avoidance and making rules against it. Indeed, one of the many ways the establishment maintain the status quo is by not agreeing on how severe a limitation should be...and therefore applying no limitation at all.

As a candidate were I committed to supporting treating capital gains like other income sources (rich people mostly make capital gains) I would be obliged to support this bill. That is why you should ONLY vote for candidates willing to make a meaningful commitment using contractual obligations to constituents such as

For those of you following my General Election campaign, I have a set of 5 core policies that I am committed to. I have since also committed to voting no to Fracking owing to a Greenpeace pledge that should help advertise my campaign, and is a matter I feel strongly about. The other commitments will be down to a random sample of the Wokingham electorate.

I have very little doubt that over 50% of Wokingham support this bill and therefore very much hope to have it on my promise list, I will definitely encourage those 20 people to add it to the list which will be on film and open to the public.

My main focus for now is a political system that is resistant to corruption. 1 voice in 300 is not going to pass any legislation so you need to spread the word to voters harder and faster than the vested interests and door steppers do.

Most voters are over 65, and the internet is not their primary source of information.  I don't have a doorstep army. You must talk to your family about demanding their Voter Consumer rights.

Pub by Kaz Lokuciewski on behalf of Kaz Lokuciewski. 10 Tangley Drive. RG412NY

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wokingham General Election 2015. Kaz. Lokuciewski. Independent Parlimentary Candidate Promise Table   

BBC leaves me out and Redwood proves unwilling to justify conflicting interests. 

If you're fed up of the spin, lies and vested interests, thinking about not voting, defacing your ballot or ticking none of the above, then please consider what I'm offering because all the other candidates refuse to provide it to me as a voter. Accountability.

For those who don’t know me, I was born in Stanwell Moore, grew up in Ascot and have owned a home and worked in Wokingham for about 18 years. I'm 39, married and have two children in primary school. The last name is thanks to my Grandfather who fled Poland in the 2nd World War and the first name...some parents just like to be different.

I appreciate that for many people, a candidate with a Polish name standing for election in a traditionally Conservative constituency doesn’t bode well for a political career in the UK. Then again, I’m not looking for a political career.

I think that’s why we don't have 'representatives' of our community in
Parliament. Instead we have a disproportionate number of career casino bankers, tax avoiders and landlords, backed by investors who get their crony re-elected, who then consistently nurture private interests that any decent person would consider a conflict of interest. Safe, as long as some political fanatic asks you what your concerns are every 5 years.

Vote like you're a professional running a business.

I want some voter consumer rights. I want my candidate to be 'contractually' obliged to call for and support the things they present as 'cast iron', and make it clear what promises are open for negotiation.

Our Wokingham party candidates refused to give me the voting rights we need, so  I stood.  Now conscientious business minded people like me have a water tight voting contract they can sign at the ballot box.

Find out more about how I commit at

No lies. No compromise

A vote for Kaz in Wokingham is more than just a protest vote. A protest against corruption and broken promises. It's also for the sound policies Wokingham wants. To cherry pick the best policies that the other candidates refuse to truly commit to supporting, and to write our own.

Together, we can show our politicians that we refuse to be fooled anymore.

Test the integrity of the other candidates. Ask them to commit, contractually, to driving and supporting something...ANYTHING. If you can get them to do that you will have started the movement the planet sorely needs. If they won't commit to anything then you need to think about the kind of person they will be after 2 years of 'opportunity'. This is the most important contract you get to sign, and they deny you the right to hold them to account?

Lets give intelligent honest representatives a chance. People free from obligations to funders & campaign cronies. To achieve that we need to take the work and uncertainty out of researching and comparing candidates.

Having consulted with residents I have compiled a list of priority policies for Wokingham.

Find the policies I'm offering here. I have forgone my right to lie or change my mind regarding the calling for in earnest and supporting or opposing of these policies as described.

Ask your other candidates to sign up or offer a similar commitment to accountable government.

Get involved

Further Links.

How financiers will always take everything you can spare and Redwood helped them do it.

Video of me answering some key questions for a local resident group.

Download Flyer

Published by and on behalf of Kazek Lokuciewski. 10 Tangley Drive. Wokingham RG412NY

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

How enrich your family at the expense of your community. Level 1. The base money cartel.

How enrich your family at the expense of your community.

1. Control currency. For example BoE or the FED.

2. As financial centre, make an IOU for £100m to create liquidity / stimulate the economy.

3. Lend it to your family, who run the private banks, at an interest rate of 0.5%. They pay you £500k /year for this.

4. Borrow the money back from your family by selling bonds at rate of 4% to spend on infrastructure and war. They are allowed to lend you £95m since they must keep 5%. Community pay them £3.8m/year on the bond.
5. As you spend that money on inflated infrastructure and defence contracts with your family members who run the only companies that can win the contracts but then subcontract out the actual work putting 20-50% on the top, the IOU currency ends up back with your family bankers. The banks need only keep hold of 5% that money in their virtual vault.

6. You borrow more money to spend on big infrastructure and defence contracts with your family again. Your banker family can lend you £90.4m (with a capital ratio of 5% on the £95 on their books as deposited sums not held in reserve to anything). Community pay them £3.6m / year for the privilege.

7. Spend all the money.

If you continue this cycle until their is no new liquidity the community you represent are paying approximately 40% / year in interest to your family on the original currency you created on their behalf.
20-50% of the virtual £1billion of debt based currency you spent was syphoned to your contract winning middle man family.

That family move the money into offshore entities (made legal in the early 1980s) that then buy up land assets, renting them back to your community and inflating property prices for those who stretch to buy. This requires larger mortgages from your banker family.
As state base capital slowly erodes, sell the state assets to your offshore family capital to provide a temporary national capital buffer that can be used for more spending and paying off debts.

Your family become the private owners of what were community assets, built by the community using liquidity created by you on their behalf, and charge rent on their use.
If the community get wind of this, create a trade agreement like TTIP and TPP with another community that removes local sovereignty of those assets. This removes the ability of your community to wipe the slate clean and re appropriate and distribute the stolen wealth.

Keeping it going

To maintain this system within a democracy it is essential that your family make up the majority of parliament. A fair government would nationalise the bank and ring fence property and infrastructure assets from tax avoiding offshore investors. You must not let people get elected who would do that.
1. Grow a brand that welcomes groups of geeks. They will loyally promote your brand in local, town and parish elections for a chance to sound clever and a cup of tea. Though national policy is irrelevant to local issues, the more targeted local campaigning does not impede on your nation campaigning budgetConfused voters will like the attention of the local politician will keep voting out of habit or trust for the local representative who does not understand what you are doing.

2. Talk about how 'We all need to work hard" how "We are growing jobs", how "Tax avoidance is abhorrent" and how "Rent / house prices is a real problem". Even though you and your family basically just do the opposite for 50% of all productivity.
3. Share concerns with community  vocally or in publicity but DO NOT commit contractually to ANYTHING. If pushed say "It's not that simple" or "It's a very complicated issue". Never say no.
4. Steer clear of situations where someone pressures you to become friendly. You will be forced to refuse a reasonable request and exposes you for what you are.