Tuesday, 3 March 2015

How enrich your family at the expense of your community. Level 1. The base money cartel.

How enrich your family at the expense of your community.

1. Control currency. For example BoE or the FED.

2. As financial centre, make an IOU for £100m to create liquidity / stimulate the economy.

3. Lend it to your family, who run the private banks, at an interest rate of 0.5%. They pay you £500k /year for this.

4. Borrow the money back from your family by selling bonds at rate of 4% to spend on infrastructure and war. They are allowed to lend you £95m since they must keep 5%. Community pay them £3.8m/year on the bond.
5. As you spend that money on inflated infrastructure and defence contracts with your family members who run the only companies that can win the contracts but then subcontract out the actual work putting 20-50% on the top, the IOU currency ends up back with your family bankers. The banks need only keep hold of 5% that money in their virtual vault.

6. You borrow more money to spend on big infrastructure and defence contracts with your family again. Your banker family can lend you £90.4m (with a capital ratio of 5% on the £95 on their books as deposited sums not held in reserve to anything). Community pay them £3.6m / year for the privilege.

7. Spend all the money.

If you continue this cycle until their is no new liquidity the community you represent are paying approximately 40% / year in interest to your family on the original currency you created on their behalf.
20-50% of the virtual £1billion of debt based currency you spent was syphoned to your contract winning middle man family.

That family move the money into offshore entities (made legal in the early 1980s) that then buy up land assets, renting them back to your community and inflating property prices for those who stretch to buy. This requires larger mortgages from your banker family.
As state base capital slowly erodes, sell the state assets to your offshore family capital to provide a temporary national capital buffer that can be used for more spending and paying off debts.

Your family become the private owners of what were community assets, built by the community using liquidity created by you on their behalf, and charge rent on their use.
If the community get wind of this, create a trade agreement like TTIP and TPP with another community that removes local sovereignty of those assets. This removes the ability of your community to wipe the slate clean and re appropriate and distribute the stolen wealth.

Keeping it going

To maintain this system within a democracy it is essential that your family make up the majority of parliament. A fair government would nationalise the bank and ring fence property and infrastructure assets from tax avoiding offshore investors. You must not let people get elected who would do that.
1. Grow a brand that welcomes groups of geeks. They will loyally promote your brand in local, town and parish elections for a chance to sound clever and a cup of tea. Though national policy is irrelevant to local issues, the more targeted local campaigning does not impede on your nation campaigning budgetConfused voters will like the attention of the local politician will keep voting out of habit or trust for the local representative who does not understand what you are doing.

2. Talk about how 'We all need to work hard" how "We are growing jobs", how "Tax avoidance is abhorrent" and how "Rent / house prices is a real problem". Even though you and your family basically just do the opposite for 50% of all productivity.
3. Share concerns with community  vocally or in publicity but DO NOT commit contractually to ANYTHING. If pushed say "It's not that simple" or "It's a very complicated issue". Never say no.
4. Steer clear of situations where someone pressures you to become SMART-voter.org friendly. You will be forced to refuse a reasonable request and exposes you for what you are.


  1. Seems like a resonable assesssment and it suggests that you hold Biblical Cristian views,,I need to know if this is so, befor placing my Vote.

    1. Agnostic. Common sense liberal who does not fall into the trap of forgetting that when someone does what they like at another's expense they are forcing others to do something they don't want to do to fund the excess.

      As a member of society I'm signed up to helping those in need, even those who don't realise it. I'm not signed up to funding those who can't be bothered.