Friday, 14 March 2014

Found another one. Brian Grady. Does he have something to hide or just following Tory councils lead?

Space for Brian should be justify his decision.
Did you hear that the South of Wokingham Free School group is doing a presentation on Wednesday 19th of March at 19:30 at FBC.
Me neither if it was not for the Facebook group.
SOW would like it to filmed.
FBC have no objection to filming public meetings.
Councillors have a code of conduct to support transparency unless clearly in the public interest not to do so.
Eric Pickles has issued guidelines to allow filming, blogging etc.
I have decided to ignore councillors abusing their authority and saying no to filming pubic meetings in public places, surely those same people are the most likely to be abusing their situation in other ways too, even if it is to win unwarranted goodwill.
Unfortunately FBC is a private venue, like the Bradbury centre. FBC will be asked to refuse, have the right to refuse and sympathetically said that they do not want trouble but will choose as the customer asks. The customer in authority is Brian Grady. Annoyingly someone who has no right to tell them to refuse.


We know the risks of filming. Dramatisation and demonstrations.

Those actions impact negatively on the people doing it, especially if the council have sensible answers. Interested members of the public soon drive the meeting forwards if those making a fuss are just causing a disturbance.

I have filmed many meetings with permission and there was never a disturbance. I have filmed a few the council decided to try and block. Then there is a disturbance. They cause it.

The benefits of filming is that the presentation is captured for all to see whenever they wish, even listen to it while doing chores as a podcast Answers given become a matter of public record so cheap promises and white lies can not be used by the council officers to deflect hard questioning. If they do not have a good answer the can say it and come back with one.

Perhaps this is why Brian Grady is willing to breach the council code of conduct and government guidelines and keep those of you who can not attend out?

The question is then . . why does your council do the same. Is that what YOU want?

I understand that there is a team workshop component. I'm assuming everyone with common sense can think of many solutions regarding individuals who wish not to be filmed or even the workshop component at all. The council mantra seem to be, if in doubt say 'No' to everything.

Your email has been passed to me by Democratic Services.
The meeting isn't being filmed as the session is information sharing and is a workshop so not ideal format for filming. We are not allowing anyone to film as a number of people have already indicated to us they do not wish to be filmed.
Andrea Jenkins
Strategic Communications Lead

I love the line "As a number of people have already indicated to use they do not wish to be filmed".

Were attendees asked? Apparently not.

This line for me is the big giveaway.

Should presenting council staff get to choose? Not if you want a democracy no.


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