Saturday, 29 September 2012

My post to the Wokingham Regeneration youtube video

Wokingham is a small town that people call home. Not a business hub. To enter a town trade war with our neighbours will bring increased pace and aggression to our streets. It is unfortunate that  public finances are split like this. We are taking on debt at a time when debt is the problem, and we are subsidising our costs with reliance on selling homes at prices that are still too many more times the average wage to leave a respectable disposable income to spend in the expanded town. Congestion.

Interested to see how open they will go on posts.


  1. Hi Kazek, I appreciate your energies to make these blog posts. I didn't know about the YouTube videos until I saw your flier in Evendons Lane and went here. Have you contacted people involved, like Councillor Alistair Corrie, and could you provide the correspondence? It would be helpful to me to see all opinions along with their responses from all sides.


    1. Don't forget to close this loophole.

    2. Yes I have contacted Alistair. The basic premiss of the exchange is that I felt the details of the £100m Wokingham Regeneration contract between Wokingham Enterprises Ltd and Wilson Bowden Developments should be open to public scrutiny as it would be if it were direct.

      He felt that the contract should not be open to scrutiny because Wilson Bowden would not like it. Businesses do not like having their contracts looked into. Would I.

      I said it was a park of getting government contracts in a country with relatively low corruption.

      Let's face it exposes what is needed for a successful tender in Wokingham. But that would expose other developers to the way Wokingham Cllrs like their paperwork. It would also make that information open to Developers who may have made what seemed like a more competitive offer to question why.

      I also expressed that I would try for a Freedom of Information request but I did not wan't to force anything, hoping he was a man of integrity.

      He played the insulted card, specifying that term 'was' implied he therefore is not and broke communications.

      I'm one of the good guys.

      I know that if I were in his position I would expect to prove my integrity.

      Otherwise the bad guys can pose as us.