Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Now this is planning.

This is a great example of spending time and money on planning to an extend that everything else will become complicated and costly.

This may well not be the fault of Wokingham Borough Council since there appear to be all sorts of other organisations they must appease but, as someone who likes to get things done, were I quote for a job and read something like that I would triple my quote for the extra admin and recheck my 'how many times you can change you mind before you pay' clause.

About seven years ago my wife and I were once members of the Wokingham Town Twinning association and we had a German man staying in our two bedroom maisonette for a long weekend.

There was a friendly openness in how we communicated and one thing was evident to the Germans. Our houses are small and we pay to much for them and none of us had bought land and self built.

Well we all think there is no land. And if there is, it will be a developer who builds an estate on it.

My in-laws once bought a plot in a new estate in Morocco. I saw the 'before' pictures and all there was was the road layout. After two years they were told a if they did not build the house they would have to sell the plot back. So they got on with it and the family designed their new home. In the end they never moved there since the mansion they had built was not near the town centre where they worked so they rented it out. I went to see the estate once and it was fantastic. People had put a lot of thought and creativity into their homes.

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