Tuesday, 4 September 2012

So.Who to appoint to deliberate over Wokingham Regeneration contract?

I would say someone of impeccable trust, uncorrectable.

But what would I know?

Matt Deegan...


INVESTMENTS: On / Offshore, Funds, Managing risk, Taxation, Trusts & Estate Planning
PENSIONS: Pre & Post retirement, Individual & Group PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Penned the £100m deal and...

Alistair Corrie 
(Tax Advisor from Risley) 
Signed it.

I always though tax advisers and Private Banking Business Managers were crooks.

Lets just get something straight. Their job is to help someone with a lot of money, keep more for them and perhaps their family than the government think they should, meaning regular tax payers have to make up the difference. Matt and Alistair then take their cut out of our loss.
Sounds to me like an advert for what is wrong with the UK and an unlikely philanthropist.

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