Monday, 7 April 2014

Fact of the day courtesy of Gill Purchace and Freedom of Information requests.

Thanks to there being no secondary school in the south east of Wokingham.

"530 children from Finchampstead, Arborfield, Swallowfield and Barkham are bused out to schools each day at a cost of over £415k a year!

Emmbrook 140
Yateley 64
Holt 122...
Forest 98
Bulmershe 0
St Crispins 106"


  1. Kazek, To put that £415K a year into context, can you tell us how much it would cost to build a new school in SE Wokingham and how much the annual running costs would be?

  2. The cost of running a school I believe is fixed to a figure per child at the school.

    If you take 3 of the 12 borough schools designed for a two form entry that have been temporarily squeezing in a three form entry, give those children a less stressful crammed education and better class sizes, plus a safer walk to school without the commuters from South Wokingham.

    Those two spare forms end up close to home in the south of Wokingham (eventually over 6 years). They spend 40+ more minutes a day with family, or those family members are more productive. There is less carbon. The running costs are fairly similar because it is per child.

    The cost of building a school I will give you that. However, we have been paying over the odds and taking two little. I have been fighting for higher s106 contributions since I found out in 2012 we had been charging £8k per dwelling. I gather now it is £26k. Property prices warranted £26k since 2005. A school should cost about £3m to build, so we will pay our mates £9m. We have allowed a lot more than 450 houses to be built since 2005. So we have been screwed twice on the new school,