Friday, 28 February 2014

Some pictures of Elms field on a nice weekend for Wokingham Times

Hi Wokingham Times.

Please use these pictures at your leisure when showing Elms field.

These are standard fair weather weekend shots.

If you keep showing cloudy, drizzly school pick up / lunch time shots people might think you are actually part of the Tory spin machine.



  1. Whatever your views on the Tories might be, the overwhelming majority of voters in Wokingham clearly support them, which as part of democracy you have to respect. Annoying when people have the freedom to do what they want, and then don't do what you want, isn't it?

  2. The overwhelming majority have given up and do not vote. They do not vote because Bob Wyatt's canvass letter talks about making sure that any developments do not make congestion any worse and are in keeping with the historic feel of the town, but makes no action to do so.

    10% of Wokingham vote for a Tory council because they have voted Tory at a national level for the last 40 years.

    The writing is on the wall but there is no point those people switching to support another team. They need to vote for honest people transparent people with ideas.

    That's why I'm mostly just promoting There is no point discussing any of this when secretive liars who fought to become councillors happen to be presiding over about £1b worth of planning permission profits and negotiating for only £183m as there is simply to much profit to be made to stop crooks taking control.

  3. Nope that's wrong- turnout in 2010 was 71.5%, see for more info.

    If living in an overwhelmingly conservative constituency distresses you that much, put your money where your mouth is and move somewhere Labour controlled. As for the issue of developers making large profits, well yes, that's what business is. Capitalism may not be perfect but its the best system we've managed to come up with so far- see the Soviet Union or North Korea for details.

  4. That's National elections Andy.

    I'm not anti-capitalist and very pro-market forces. My problem is that I do really suspect vested interests and secrecy are writing the rules and manipulating markets. That is a cartel and not good for the consumer.

    For example, you vote for John Redwood, The man is a professional tax avoidance adviser, offshore wealth trustee and investor. It would seem fair that such a person should not be allowed to be influencing related policies and, if he were found to be involved in speculative investing it should be a criminal offence.

    Then we have David Cameron who was left part of a Bermuda based tax avoidance / evasion company, of which David is a director, which investments are not declared. Judging by his conduct the trust he has a vested interest in may well be investing tax Fracking if his cronies decide they are going to have to pull the plug on it or they will lose control, it would be in their best interests to do one last push, sell and then U-turn. There is no way of knowing . . therefore . . it will happen.

    In our own council we are in the same boat. Negotiations taken behind closed doors, with all those people able to scrutinised carefully selected by a few people who need to nothing to win the vote.

    I think people are not only waking up to it, they are fed up with it. All around the world and I have come up with a way that the simple fair and decent things that most members of the public can take control of the conversation on the doorstep and get those things implemented.

    I too am a conservative at heart. I just think that we have become so complacent that we have allowed corruption in.

    I'm a lucky one and can grow money at the expense of those less fortunate. We need to change those rules so that If you want to grow money you need to do something of value with it not manipulate the planning system into speculative land owning cartels are crony councillors and landlords or have your family sit on a property portfolio in perpetuity.

    There is indeed no magic money tree. The land speculators and developers 30% too much is ploughed straight onto the mortgages of those who move in.

    There is no way of bringing that 30% on the mortgage down without destabilising the banks. But we can use it to help the borrowers so that they, over time, will raise an educated family, not pay for nursery care, and have opportunities to do things of value in the community for a wage. In doing so we will also reduce land speculation, keeping property prices from going up and reducing the cost of green land people wish to invest in as green, carbon absorbing, land.

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