Friday, 28 February 2014

Consultation promises to resolve future expensive 'Elms Field' fiascos.

Ideas for constitutional rules introduce to borough council constitution on consultation.

Consult 1. No consultation will be considered started until local people have been notified in an appropriate manner. This would mean e-mail database, letters to those not on the e-mail database and posters outside relevant supermarkets. It should be made clear if any development on green open space is being considered ball park figures of break downs of costs if that information exists.

Consult 2. All consultation presentations will be available on-line as they are offline with an open comments areas administered only to remove inappropriate comments. It may be that a required login attached to an address should be used.

Consult 3. No consultation will be considered started until a layman master is made available that is no more than 5 sides of A4 when printed. Supplementary information should be provided by embedded links

Consult 4. Consultation questionnaires will specifically include agree / disagree to each primary aspect.

Consult 5. A control group of 100 randomly selected people borough addresses weighted to involve those local to the consulted on issue will be incentivised to consult carefully via a letter or a phone call. This will provide a normalised comparison. They will have right of refusal in which case they be replaced with weighted other person. They will be directed to the material to form their own decision. Any controlled / personal presentations they receive will be filmed.

This is intended to show if nimbies or cronies have significantly manipulated the results of the master consultation. If this is the case then suggestions from the main consultation will be taken back to the control group for consideration and the control group would form the basis for discussion of those issues.

Consult 6. The projects will be broken down into idea costs - pre contract - to encourage smaller local suppliers to bid for individual aspects, with those profits realised as local salaries and skills rather than corporate profits and consultancy fees.

Consult 7. Top down schematic views of before after changes will be presented next to and occupying same area of any sales / promotional illustration.

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