Thursday, 12 September 2013

Information without the Freedom Request.

Last year I asked on the last day. This year I've managed to ask on the first day.

For those other skeptics who have the impression that there may be something rather sinister going on with some of our slippery elected council and those they work closely with, we do have some democratic rights designed to make hiding money trails more difficult and therefore limit foul play.

From @Kaz4Woking to @WokinghamBC When is the next 20 day Transparency Reporting as set by the your external auditor?

From @WokinghamBC to @Kaz4Wokingham Hi Kaz, we've been informed that they should be up later today (September 12).

I have included some interesting text from rules and highlighted the bot that is relevant right now. The Chief Financial Officer will publish details on council payments and contracts for goods and services worth more than £500 on the Council's website to show residents how the Council spends its budget. The Chief Financial Officer will make available (on request) all the books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to all expenditure within the councils accounts to any member of the public for a period of 20 working days each year in accordance with statutory regulations.

12.1.4. I7 Strategic Directors shall ensure that adequate records of books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to all expenditure within their service area are readily available and can be produced to the Chief Financial Officer when responding to a request from a member of the public during either the statutory period or as part of a Freedom of lnformation Act request.

12.1.4. I8 The Chief Financial Officer will publish details of Councillor allowances and expenses on the Council's website on an annual basis as part of the transparency reporting. The Chief Financial Officer will also publish details of officers who hold senior positions in the council and what their job descriptions are and total remuneration (eg, salaries, bonus'payments, pension payments and expenses) has been for the previous year.

So. If you are wondering what exactly the £100m contract for the town center means regarding who pays what for what, what we valued the paddocks car park at as a property development or how it costs £45k to put a toilet back? Now is your chance.

When you were canvassed in the last election did you get the impression from those who came to your door or leaflet that their candidate wanted to represent your view? That they would keep you informed? That they would seek out a consensus before passing important motions?

In 2007 your Tory elected council changed the use of Elms so they could sell it and build on it. Were you asked by your Councillor? Did they even mention the idea when they canvassed you? Why not? What would you do were you inclined to stand?

You don't know them. Gag the spin. Demand clear facts.

The good ones will give you . .


  1. Did they mention it, not one bit, but when plans were stalled, I got a Convervative leaflet saying "what's happening on elms field? nothing that's what", so they were happy to boast when they had no immediate plans to build on it, then they got back to their rigged consultations and pushed through plans to build over the majority of elms field.

  2. Thanks anonymous. No chance you could tell me when? I would argue that any Tories elected since then by those who received it but then voted in favor of developing Elms deserve more than an apology. Utter scum.

    If they were signed up to you could ask those you were electing to oppose any development on Elms before you voted for them. Then they would be obliged to do so or give you a by-election first.