Friday, 13 September 2013

North Wokingham SDL, 1500 houses. Do not hand our money to land owners. Make them pay for the infrastructure.

North Wokingham SDL has approx 1500 houses.

Does the  bypass neutralize the additional congestion or is fully funded from the development. And that is using a 0.5 journeys per household between 8am & 9am to calculate road use limits. Me and both my neighbors average 2.5 each.

The consultation is open now and not for long so 'Have your say'

It is worth going to the exhibition in the town center to confirm my info and ask more questions.

As you can see from the website, the council has used the 'swamp you too much information' approach if you hope to self educated online. Intentional?

The survey is very quick. a few check boxes and a opinion bit which I just put the same twice.

Here is mine. (I did a Kaz. The real one has even more errors)

It is a requirement that the new developments do not make congestion worse for existing residents. All of the options appear to have a negative impact on Winnersh Crossroads many and I recieved confirmation today that calculations have been made using a low national average of 0.5 journeys per house hold 8am-9am. This is clearly not realistic for the area. We are 3 in the winter.

The developers were awarded an outline planning permission that negotiated a section 106 contribution that was expected expect to create congestion neutral infrastructure. But the agreement is only £20k towards infrastructure as well as 35% affordable housing (which is sold at approximate cost of land and build being 60%)

Since the land use change is worth perhaps £100k average per dwelling there is £45k profit per dwelling for doing nothing.

I understand that the developers wish to make a worth while risk % and that they have negotiated an agreement with speculative land owners who have agreed a cut on approval of the planning permission.

The stale mate seems to be with the speculative land owners who should not be getting millions of pounds for their land changing use before they sell it and the community therefore paying for their next even bigger speculative land owning trusts following land / property investment.

If the developers are unable to design a congestion change neutral solution where they they fully fund the infrastructure under the financial terms of the current outline planning permission then this is their problem not ours and they should renegotiate with the land owners and us.

If there is no movement, but we must build the houses owing to national policy then it would appear that the community would get the best value from a compulsory purchase of the land.

Now do yours

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