Friday, 23 August 2013

I have no idea how our rules are written. Looking for help

What can a politician promise to do when they are limited by so many other influences.

Please do comment and expand on this one.

Lets say I wanted to be confident that my MP or Councillor was going to attempt to implement a change to the law or constitution, what is a reasonable, watertight phrasing of it?

For example. If they included in their literature

"I will call for and vote in favour of a motion that A3 poster space is allocated for each candidate outside government electoral polling stations. Or instead support a similar motion. I will call for this motion in parliament within my month in office."

Would it make any sense

What is the correct terminology?

How do 'actions', motions work? 

What would the terminology and action differences be be for local government and national government?

Thanks in advance.


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