Monday, 29 July 2013

Slippery Tory Cllrs appear to have a cosy relationship not only with press but the employed council as well.

"Dear Mr Lokuciewski,

Ref: Complaint about Councillors and the Recording of Meetings Protocol

I am in receipt of your email addressed to Kevin Jacob regarding the above.

I am writing to advise that as Monitoring Officer for Wokingham Borough Council, I have 
delegated authority to consider your complaint against all of the elected Members who were present at the meeting of Council on 18 July 2013 who agreed to adopt the current protocol. 

As the decision taken was a collective and unanimous decision and concerns a matter of 
policy, I do not consider it appropriate to deal with this matter as a Code of Conduct issue.

The members Code of Conduct is more properly concerned with member’s individual
behaviours. Collective decision making behaviour arising from a Council meeting can be 
challenged through different means- i.e. legally and or through council procedures such as petitions, letters or oral questions posed at meetings in accordance with Council procedures. 

Such decisions can also be referred to Scrutiny for action.

Although I appreciate you have carefully gone through the general principles in the Code and found the members decision on the Protocol less than satisfactory, nevertheless the decision taken was within their discretion and remit and any judgement about the failure of general principles remains a highly subjective one which is not capable of resolution through a Code of Conduct complaint about each member of the committee.

I have consulted both the Independent Person and the Chairman of Standards with respect to this matter and they are in agreement with my approach. There is no appeal against this 


Yours sincerely,

Susanne Nelson-Wehrmeyer,

Director of Legal & Electoral Services"

So in a nut shell. Not me. But I will not pass it on.

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