Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wokingham Town Center Redevelopment's House of Cards.

The survey questions.

Q1 - Do you think the scheme responds effectively to Wokingham's character as a market town with small retail units and well-managed public realm

Q2 - Peach Place - What elements of the scheme do you support?

Q3 - Peach Place - What elements of the scheme do you think could be improved?

Q4 - Elms Field - What elements of the scheme do you support?

Q5 Elms Field - What elements of the scheme do you think could be improved?

Q6 - What level of diversity would you like to see in the streetscene? A = breaking up buildings into different parts. B = Number of slightly different blocks using a variety of materials. C = Splitting the street into a number of blocks, same design

Q7 - The proposals for the park include a number of spaces; open grass, events space, play area, fountains, orchard/meadow area.  Do you agree with these? Q8 - Do you think we've missed any spaces?

Q9 - What do you think should be included in the play area?

Q10 - What type of seating would like to see in the park and where?

Q11 - Do you have any other suggestions for how public art could be included in the park?

Q12 - Our analysis of Wokingham identified key features that make-up the town's heritage feel - do you think we have missed any key characteristics?

What is lacking from this set of questions?

How about list of things you do not like? You are never invited to disprove. Only suggest improvements.

Another supermarket. Yes or no?

60% reduction of Elms fields?

160 dwellings?

£60m public debt?

Contracts without truly independent scrutiny?

Quotes from the Public Forum two weeks ago. Alistair Corries comments regarding the purpose of the presentation end of July 2012. 

“We put together the Elms Field event in 2012 because I wanted to understand the support and what people think.

“We understand 1,200 people attended that – 3.9 per cent of the Wokingham population.

“We felt there was reasonable support for what we are doing. If there really was a lack of support out there we would hear about it.

If that were true Cllr. Why did you sign the £100m contract before that first open public consultation started? Perhaps so that the next Wokingham Times headline could be 'It's too late.'

I managed to get there on the last day as they were closing up but apparently plenty of people vented their spleens on the scale of development.

If you look through the survey data it seems to be generally against this scale of project. The bits that are pro are lumped together using similar short phrases. Then snapdragon survey focuses on how many people like one element. So if you like a high quality play area, you are all in. Me included. I was amazed that it was only 83% in favour.

This is not stupidity. This is calculated.

Spin is just another word for deceit.

What possible motive could a public representative have for signing the contract before we had any idea how big they had managed to grow the project? Surely not a fundamental belief in democracy. Is that important to you?

Like like this page to say up to date on facebook.

Many of us voted for them because somehow they can afford to invest the time to be friendly on our doorstep.

Please lets not do this again.

And don't let them get away with this either.

Like it, be counted, get involved.

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