Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Historic shot of Wokingham

Council are selling some of Elms field today. Did you know?

A sad day indeed. underhanded Tories can not deny that if you asked 10 random people in Wokingham town centre if they know about this you would have 9-10 'No' answers.

If they asked if they 'could' with an informed opposer having an equal say they would also have 9-10 'No' answers.

There argument that they have to sell it to carry out the Wokingham Regeneration plan is flawed in that the plan should never have depended on it?

LibDems leader did not publicise either and were well aware. They were my hope for ridding Wokingham of politics funded by business. There were only 6 official objections. I would have had I known. I keep abreast of these things better than 95% of the population can hope to.

Is it a coalition here too? Right public noises just too late. No call to arms. 

If only six people officially objected  is it evidence of agreement or  making 'have your say' impossibly hard. Or is it just defeatism from a population who have no suitable public representatives who are fit for purpose. 

We are busy enough choosing which private energy company to use every few months. Let alone which local (walking distance) community resource to oppose selling off or to ask why a two story science block on owned land cost £5m instead of £2m

I leave you with an image to remember. I have fond memories of summer picnics there with a fairly full play area, and the few basket ball games we intended to have more of but, thanks to political capitalism, never found the time. And now never will.

I urge you to stop voting for parties and start voting for people.

TVPCC elections coming up on 15th

I'm voting for the people who are firmest against privatisation, are not funded by hopeful private contractors and are responsive.

1st Starkey because of his legal background 
2nd Cooper

Stanfield will not give any commitments on privatisation. His party is backed by them so I guess his best strategy has to be to keep quiet.

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