Friday, 14 November 2014

Peach Street wokingham. How not to consult.

A quick Facebook survey and it does not appear to be just me.

Favourite quote from a bloke who agreed that a team would disappear for 6 months, no selection of styles (anyone work in a creative environment knows you put out some sketches of options to hone the direction you work in)

Cllr Philp Mirfin, executive member for regeneration and communities, said: "Talking to local residents and businesses about the regeneration has been incredibly important to us throughout the whole process.

Errrrrm. So why didn't you then.

From what I can tell you just made everything in 1980's style red brick with absolutely no features? Who asked for that?

There seems to be some kind of mental block among the people who take the profit out of all this, so I thought I'd make a quick 30 minute Photoshop to show you the kind of ideas many of us were hoping for and expecting.

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