Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Should Charlotte Haitham Taylor stand down?

Should Charlotte Haitham Taylor stand down as a Wokingham Borough Councillor, who is also on the executive for children's services, for running for the conservative MP for Durham?

It's even in the BBC news.

I did not realise that this volunteer member of our community (odd kind of volunteering because it pays £15k pre tax) was of that level of establishment connection to make it into the BBC news. She certainly is not the first hopeful career politician to cut her teeth as a Tory councillor only to find the present MP unlikely to move.

The thing I find maddening in all of this is that the argument is that she can not perform the role for time constraints.

Mrs Taylor who's family own several companies that sell IT services, including into government, does not need to work a 40 hour week along with her husband to maintain a family home.

Since someone who is representative of the community is supposed form the voice of the public, those people should ideally include a representative proportion of the population that makes up the constituents, including the majority who do both have to work 40 hours / week to support a  home. That is why borough councillors are mandated to be able to perform their duties in what is reasonable spare time for an employed adult. They do not take the minutes, or do the paper work. They direct those who are paid to do so.

Time is not something she has a problem with compared those workers who are capable of being the most important thing, truly representative.

My conclusion is that she should not stand down from her post in Wokingham on the basis of time constraint. The family business is based locally, as is the family home.

My question is, should she stand as the MP for Durham?

It sickens me the lack of respect we have for the measures our forebears designed to ensure that the country is governed for the people by the people.

The wife of a successful business family based around Bracknell is clearly not representative of the median person in Durham.

A fair constitution would warrant that she is not eligible to stand as the ministerial representative for that constituency.

Shame on anyone who votes for a power craver from out of town who suggests they are better than everyone their own community can offer.



Now with a facebook page claiming her being a Durham local, and telling the locals here she is a member of this community, the only thing we do have a genuine answer to is will she say and do anything for her political career?

Either that or she believes she is genuinely better than the combined best of working people from both communities?

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