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Southern Wokingham SDL Public meeting Wednesday 22nd May

Update 3: I was going to ask the other councilors present by e-mail to provide their recollection to see how many would lie in his defence. I unfortunately found it hard to locate a list of said people and actually stuggle to cram real work and family life into the day, I do this for our Grandkids, not pride. Anyway I tweeted Cllr Prue Bray as she apologized but believed that the even was if one person disagreed. Putting one more point on the mounting evidence that Wokingham has one group of people who profit from planning permissions running it.

Anyway. The evidence at 03:30 on youtube.

Either a liar, or unbelievably forgetful. Either way this man controls negotiations over £1.3 billion profit in a secretive, closed manner. Hey Wokingham. You gave these people your vote without requiring any commitment on transparency and independent scrutiny. Well done.

Update 2: Cllr Baker is trying to bully me now. He has bluffed that he will sue me for slander as I insist that at the Northern SDL consultation the terms of recording were majority and the Southern SDL only one person needed to object. He insists that it was one person for both. I told him that he is either mistaken or a liar. His answer

"As the person who set the rules I know what I set. This was communicated to you but you dispute this."

If you would like to find out if the other councilors present are also liars please do get in contact with them and ask them if the Northern SDL 'PUBLIC CONSULTATION' was cast as a majority in favor of allowing filming for full unedited free comment distribution. Or at least ask them what they do remember.

This had been going on for a long time. There is something amiss in the council regarding transparency and it seems to be more than a few.

Update1: Cllr Keith Baker blocked the filming again. He had a form asking people if they object to filming, like the last one, only he changed the rules. One person. Not a majority.

I have sent him this link on the new law requiring the allowing of filming but he says nothing has changed.

There is a public meeting on Tuesday 25th. Lets see what happens?

If some press could come down and, should Cllr Baker of or one of his henchmen try to interfere, ask why the council fails to accept the importance of reference material in case there are any lies, plus a transparent debate, let alone a digestible version for the majority who can not attend.

Original post.

Tory developer liaison councillors want to include you in a consultation after which you will have agreed to allow some developers and a family trust, who by chance purchased just the right farms, to build 5000 houses along a relief road that will run from near Loch Fyne and come out onto the Tesco round about.

I know what you are thinking. At times the cue of traffic past Loch Fyne runs all the way to the Molly Millars lane mini roundabout. Surely this will make things worse.

Luckily the developers and their councillors have run an industry standard computer model and the roads can cope by having better junctions.

To ensure that you can attend and 'Have your say' the Tories have put up invisible posters and sent invisible letters to local residents with ample time to make arrangements to attend, the e-mail went into your spam filter.

You will need to make arrangements to attend because it starts at 6pm. So if you have a job you will need to leave early and if you have a family you will need someone is there for 5:30 to look after the kids.

Wednesday 22nd May 6 - 7:45pm. Rose Strret Methodist Church Room round the back (enter from round the back)

Update. E-mail and tweets went out from council today, morning after this blog. Coincidence? Now lets see if we get a poster at the entrance to Tesco so most people might actually find out what is happening.

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