Monday, 9 July 2012

#woky developments


Molly Millars Lane flats

Cricket Field Wokingham town centre.


43 houses in Blagrove Lane, Wokingham, including 26 3/4 bed homes - application 2012/0467 currently under review by WBC.

Latest plans for Guide Dog for the Blind site, Blagrove Lane, 130 houses and flats including 3/4/5 bed homes. Good place for a school?

Chestnuts in Chestnut Avenue  32 Additional houses (two demolished)  houses is due to be approved. Charles Church Developments Ltd

White House School probably not going to be school. Watch this space?

Elms Field.

Main issues

Schools within walking distance over subscribed and congestion considered poor, Wokingham loosing Market Town feeling that made it popular in the first place.

That's all?

This is not including the 5000 properties planned in farms to the north and south and which include their own infrastructure. Fields / Stables off Luckley Road apparently compulsory purchase order used.

Do we call Foresters Care home cramming. That’s not in my community but my local vote gives the power to the few who decide.

You missed something!

Please advise me of wrong information and give more detail.

Please also let me know of missing ones.

The wokingham planning portal online is unusable. Just a single image of the area with developments areas marked with dwelling number being proposed will give locals an educated insight.

#woky. Historic Market Town. Best place to live... 2007

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  1. Will these proposed developments ALL require a percentage of housing association or council housing?