Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wokingham General Election 2015. Kaz. Lokuciewski. Independent Parlimentary Candidate Promise Table   

BBC leaves me out and Redwood proves unwilling to justify conflicting interests. 

If you're fed up of the spin, lies and vested interests, thinking about not voting, defacing your ballot or ticking none of the above, then please consider what I'm offering because all the other candidates refuse to provide it to me as a voter. Accountability.

For those who don’t know me, I was born in Stanwell Moore, grew up in Ascot and have owned a home and worked in Wokingham for about 18 years. I'm 39, married and have two children in primary school. The last name is thanks to my Grandfather who fled Poland in the 2nd World War and the first name...some parents just like to be different.

I appreciate that for many people, a candidate with a Polish name standing for election in a traditionally Conservative constituency doesn’t bode well for a political career in the UK. Then again, I’m not looking for a political career.

I think that’s why we don't have 'representatives' of our community in
Parliament. Instead we have a disproportionate number of career casino bankers, tax avoiders and landlords, backed by investors who get their crony re-elected, who then consistently nurture private interests that any decent person would consider a conflict of interest. Safe, as long as some political fanatic asks you what your concerns are every 5 years.

Vote like you're a professional running a business.

I want some voter consumer rights. I want my candidate to be 'contractually' obliged to call for and support the things they present as 'cast iron', and make it clear what promises are open for negotiation.

Our Wokingham party candidates refused to give me the voting rights we need, so  I stood.  Now conscientious business minded people like me have a water tight voting contract they can sign at the ballot box.

Find out more about how I commit at

No lies. No compromise

A vote for Kaz in Wokingham is more than just a protest vote. A protest against corruption and broken promises. It's also for the sound policies Wokingham wants. To cherry pick the best policies that the other candidates refuse to truly commit to supporting, and to write our own.

Together, we can show our politicians that we refuse to be fooled anymore.

Test the integrity of the other candidates. Ask them to commit, contractually, to driving and supporting something...ANYTHING. If you can get them to do that you will have started the movement the planet sorely needs. If they won't commit to anything then you need to think about the kind of person they will be after 2 years of 'opportunity'. This is the most important contract you get to sign, and they deny you the right to hold them to account?

Lets give intelligent honest representatives a chance. People free from obligations to funders & campaign cronies. To achieve that we need to take the work and uncertainty out of researching and comparing candidates.

Having consulted with residents I have compiled a list of priority policies for Wokingham.

Find the policies I'm offering here. I have forgone my right to lie or change my mind regarding the calling for in earnest and supporting or opposing of these policies as described.

Ask your other candidates to sign up or offer a similar commitment to accountable government.

Get involved

Further Links.

How financiers will always take everything you can spare and Redwood helped them do it.

Video of me answering some key questions for a local resident group.

Download Flyer

Published by and on behalf of Kazek Lokuciewski. 10 Tangley Drive. Wokingham RG412NY


  1. "How financiers will always take everything you can spare and Redwood helped them do it."

    Are you saying the property owners and mortgagees had no stake in the trough?

    1. They do. But for those purchasing their own home, they are unwilling victims? Not everyone knows about the 10 year cycles. If they do should they burn money paying rent for 10 years. Shelter is a necessity and building your own is restricted, therefore, it will always cost what the market can squeeze to at the rate of changing expectations. Good for banks and existing land owners only.

  2. "How financiers will always take everything you can spare and Redwood helped them do it."

    Are you saying the property owners and mortgagees had no stake in the trough?

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  4. So you like the free market, but only the good kind of free market, not the bad kind.

    I think it's a kind of Stockholm syndrome to believe that the market can help get us out of the hole we've allowed it to dig for us. Financial exploitation is not new, and it's not unique to our particular flavour of capital economy.

    1. Communism does not work either in the presence of corruption, and even then there is a market. The market solution encourages the greedy to drive forwards with innovation. That excitement becomes tangible, it enhances the rate and pleasure of productivity / hr / capita. The big problem for me is the tickle up economy. No necessity of limited supply should be under private unregulated control. Shelter is very much that.

  5. Kaz,
    I received your card today for the first time via the post. You should know that they put 2 cards through every letter box, so you may not be getting your moneys worth.
    Your opinions are very interesting and I would like to ask you many questions before I would commit my vote. Your views seem similar to "Positive Money" . Have you contacted them?

    1. Hi Mike. Positive money far / far down the line for me. The main things I'm standing on are basic fairness in future elections that we all agree on. Without that, the rest will remain good ideas unpassed by a corrupt parliament. My policies are here.

    2. The rest of the policies are things I have either come up with or are ideas from other parties. I ran them passed a decision group. I went to great effort to create a validated random group...and none of them showed up. So my random group was made up mostly of friends...however one is a Tory Parish council candidate in terms of balance. By the end his wife had decided to vote for me rather than his dReadwood.

      Thanks for the heads up about the cards. I'm documenting the failings in the process. One is the subsidised mailing of up to 3 personal letters for those who have the vested interests to invest in 85,000 mail merged documents x 3. I did 45000 households unnamed and likely to achieve less than 50% delivery, many after the postal vote. One of my policies is that state funded A5 candidate leaflets simply go out once with polling cards so voters can compare fairly all together. Simple, cheaper, party candidate will ever back it.