Saturday, 22 September 2012

Why I stopped voting Conservative

I am a conservative in that I believe that government runs business inefficientlyI also believe that business in competition is necessarily selfish and cruel.

I believe it is the role of government to create an environment in which business can provide momentum and drive, but not at the cost of quality of life. 

The benchmark is to create an environment in which all who are willing to work an honest week until their mid 60s can raise a family at a timely age if they so choose, with a good provision for security, health and education.

More and more people become disenfranchised with the Conservative leadership. Not with what Conservative means but what the Conservative party has become. Business interests dictating policy and government directly running businesses or quangos. Both cruel and inefficient.

What is the solution. How about get involved! Join the Conservative party and change it from the inside yes? ... NO.

There are just too many self interested business men involved and they will join the rest at the top, not you. Some have gained economic respect due to their wealth and party contributions regardless of its source. Inherited wealth, successfully reducing costs for large companies simply by reducing front line wages to below a local living wage or helping them avoid tax and drive tax paying competitors out of business, being ahead of the curve on the financial markets,  personal tax avoidance and land ownership and hoarding.

Not only are these non-'wealth creators'  allowed to influence policy in their own best interests. But they represent the aspect of business that provides nothing of value increasing the burden on those who do. Individually costing you more than the worst of lifestyle benefit families.

By joining them as a hard working local with an ideology for change your support adds in-touch credibility to a leadership that deservedly has none.

So I stood as a Green councillor last year. Why. Business men are going to get involved in that too and cycle will start again.

I agree. Until a minister is forced to sign away future revenue streams for the privilege of serving his country the cycle will continue. But, as of yet, I believe the Green party, currently at least, is led by a democratic majority of people who are thinking about everyone and the long term.

For me the cut off point has been reached. When someone of average intellect is willing to work a 40 hour week can not support a family by their late twenties or early thirties,m when once they would have, society has failed. This is not growth, this is not efficiency, this is not progress and I believe it was avoidable.

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